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Why a Statistical Biology and who is it for?

Modern biological data is quantitative rather than categorical. The phenotype of a mutation is now a single-cell sequencing data set. The description of a developmental process is now a multicolor multidimensional movie. Behavioral data is generated in parallel with brain imaging. 


The standard curriculum in the life sciences insufficiently prepares young scientists to analyze such data in two ways: Insufficient expertise in computation and statistical thinking. This course precisely addresses these two blindspots.


The course requires no prerequisites. Student's signing up for this course should be prepared to put in significant effort into overcoming the initial computational and quantitative hurdles involved in learning how to attack modern biological data. There is no recipe to doing good quantitative biology, instead students will be given the opportunity to develop a whole new way of thinking.

Said simply, this course is likely for you if you want to learn how to code and treat data from a statistical point of view.

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